How accurate is the travel data and information of your website?

The world is changing really quick, the information and the data of the cities, countries or regions are very subjective and dynamic for many reasons. The main reason we are building the travel information contents on our website is to help you understand a country without spending hours or days to research. We’ve put a lot of effort to keep our data and information accurate.

Even if you think our travel information is very accurate, we are still highly encourage you to always double check before you visit any new places to make sure everything is good. So you can get a more accurate information before travel.


If you visiting a new place, it’s your responsible to do research before you visiting the place. Due to the consistent change of travel information of the countries, it’s your responsible check and verify to make sure everything is prepared before you enter any country or location, especially the passport requirement of the country you would like to travel. The travel information/requirements are very subjective; You need to check and verified before you travel. It’s recommend checking the passport/travel requirement officially from the government site for your certain case.

To help you get even more accurate information, we have build a community that allows you to ask questions about the place you want to visits. But keep in mind, the information in our website might be different from our website from any other people, website, or application.

Again, double check before you travel. Travel safe!